Sunday, 27 December 2009

New York

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. I have finally arrived! Well, about a week ago to be precise! Having spent 6 amazing days in the BIG APPLE...I now sit here in Kansas with friends and indulge myself in the memory and the hope that is to follow.

The snow fell on my 3rd day in NYC - it was a dream to be sitting in a book shop and to look out of the window to see the snow fall amongst the shoppers below. I was at Union Square, overlooking the market, where shoppers & visitors were busily buying last minute presents or deliberating over their perfect Christmas tree that were now glistening with the gentle dusting of the white stuff. How picturesque. How magical. How a dream came true just at that moment. Sitting in a coffee shop with an eggnog latte watching the NYC street below me. I'm here. Now I need to go and live it.

After the blizzard that followed this magical moment(!) the following morning was like waking up in a movie. (nothing stops this city from continuing on with life). The sun was shining on the crisp white snow; taxis were about, buses, workers and shoppers. The city was alive. I took a walk to Central Park where families had gathered for their Sunday walk, to build snowmen or glide along on their homemade sleigh and to ice skate in Central Park at Christmas. The images above captured that magic that I felt at the point of being there, the feeling that YES...this is right. The hardest of decisions having been made turned to PEACE. My paths are being made straight again, and joy in what I was discovering and learning is slowly returning. The peace and tranquility that surrounded me in the middle of one of the most busiest cities in the world was awesome. Undescribable.

I'm already feeling I don't want to leave and trying my best not to miss out by looking at the end already when its still the beginning... I hope 2010 will bring you opportunities that you have dreamed of and the beginning of something amazing. Happy New Year... x

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tigerprint Photo Humour Comp

Entered two images into the photo comp...