Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Card Design printed

Here's the card design printed! I've printed it on to cream card and quite pleased with the result. I love cards that continue the design on to the back, it's all about detail - I love detail.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Card Design

Just having a little play with a design for a card - could be for any greeting card not necessarily 'engagement', it's only because I've used this for a recent order on an engagement card, will upload picture of the finished piece soon. The design close up is not good quality as it was created in another software package and not photoshop. Will need work on it.

Entry for a T-Shirt competition...

I entered a T-Shirt competition yesterday and felt I should use 'Alexandra' as the design. I changed the background to make it stand out a bit more, rather than it being a simple square. By creating swirls from the white background, I feel it looks as though 'Alexandra' has ripped through the t-shirt...but more dreamily! The winner is judged by votes and comments from the public (online), and a panel of judges - the most popular design wins. I'm not sure whether it will go through to the live site yet, but it was worth a go. Will keep you posted if I hear anything.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Beautiful Girl

(C) Christopher Ryman, Elizabeth Ryman & Anna Ryman - May 2009

We took this using my brother's camera and then changed it to sepia. I love sepia photographs, it adds such warmth to an image. There's just something special in this picture...!

Oh my goodness, I won...

I had some great news a couple weeks ago. I entered a photography competition - the chance to win £200 and the possibilty of your work being published for Marks & Spencers. Never did I expect to win. So when the email came through announcing the winner, can imagine my delight!

I took this image as part of a project I was working on about 'reflection'. That day I decided to go to Cosmeston (Penarth) to capture some images of the water and swans & ducks. As I stood at the waters edge, contently photographing the swans close by, I noticed in the background these two swans...I could not believe my eyes as I saw what was about to happen. I held my lens as still as I possibly could as the two swans elegantly glided towards one another, with necks bowed and a coy look in their eye, they formed this absolutely beautiful heart between one another. It truly was precious.

I hope this image will be published and be the beginning of what my heart desires...

A busy few weeks...

Well, it's been a very busy few weeks, hence lack of postings! Where do I begin...well, I can now reveal the 'lady' my sister-in-law has chosen to have named after her - so, here she is...welcome 'Anna' to the collection! Yey. Happy 30th!

New Lady Designs...

I have also added some more ladies to the collection! If you ever wonder how I come about the names of these ladies, well, each one is named after the special ladies in my life (family & friends), the only one I don't quite know how it came about is 'Isabella' - I just liked the name and it suited. The lady in the opening blog (often referred to as the Pink Lady) is called Alexandra, and Isabella (two ladies together) can be seen in the second blog. My brother's hoping to have one named after him...will 'Christopher' suit a lady? Hmm...maybe 'Chrissie' could be an option! Watch this space...

Here, I am introducing Mia (named after my precious niece, who was born nearly 7 weeks ago) you are lil one, love auntie beff x


I do need to work on this a lot more, but just so you know...this lady is named after my lovely big sister, 'Rebecca' x

Helena - 'Lella'

This lady is named after my Auntie, we call her 'Lella'. The story being, when my brother was small, he couldn't quite say 'Helena', so as my Mum and her sister, Helena, tried to coach him in saying 'Hel-e-naaa', it came out as 'Lella'! And so the name stuck. Now, I knew no different to this and always thought Lella was called Lella, until speaking with cousin and mentioned 'Lella', to which she responded, 'Who?' - and then it clicked and I asked! The name 'Lella' was just between us.
Again, this image still needs a bit more work, so will continue to re-touch.