Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Brrm brrm and PANTS!

Well, I have completed Tour #1 of 'Cinnamon Toast @ Home' and the orders have been great! Should keep me very busy for the next few weeks, then it will be time for Tour #2 (five parties in one week). I have learnt not to have expectations, even in the 3 I have already done. Each one has been so different; audience, sales and response. But it is all very much a learning curve right now - especially acknowledging the areas I love and those I don't love as much! Enjoying this experience though.

Not long til Christmas! I love this time of year, the lead up to Christmas and the shop windows brightly decorated with beautiful decorations, twinkling lights and colours. However, I've taken a break from Christmas and created a few new designs. I have printed the mopeds onto baby grows and the pants onto drawstring bags to make pants bags! But they would also be nice on a card too. Hope you like.