Monday, 17 January 2011

Runner Up!

Well, I received some lovely news on Friday. One of the designs I had entered for the Tigerprint Contemporary Florals Competition was chosen as a runner up! Such great news, and a great start to the new year. Congrats to the winner and the other runners up as well. Their work is fab. Well done.

Here's what the judges had to say about my design...'This design has a softer floral and less contemporary feel than perhaps some of the other entries. However it makes a lovely range of designs which demonstrate Elizabeth's great style which is commercially viable to Marks & Spencer.'

Thank you Tigerprint! Go check out the winning design and runners up...

Hope ya having a good day! x

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tigerprint - Contemporary Florals Competition

Woweee, two posts in one day! I am on a roll! I entered the latest Tigerprint competition - Contemporary Florals - though my computer decided to crash on me (obviously not use to working so hard, especially after the Christmas break) just as I was about to email. I hope they were still able to accept the entries after deadline time...But if not, it was fun to get back into again. So, here they are...what do you think? x

Happy New Year

My goodness, it has been 2 months since I last made a post! Gosh. Well, it has been with good reason that I have neglected the blogging. I have been literally attached to my sewing machine for the last 2 months (with exception of the Christmas break) sewing up orders from the '@home' parties. The Cinnamon Toast@ Home parties went well back in the UK, orders were taken from each of the parties and the feedback has been really encouraging. Thank you to all the hosts, once again, for opening up your home to family and friends. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get my work seen and out there.

So, having completed the orders in good time to be sent ready for Christmas, the parcels were sadly delayed (and some still are) with the snow. As beautiful as it is, it caused a great deal of mayhem. I just now pray that the remaining parcels get to their destination safely and securely. Though, sadly too late for Christmas. Well, it's lasted that little bit longer I suppose!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. 2010 has been a year I shan't forget, an extra special year! I started the New Year in a country I love and headed off to live in a city I had always dreamt about living in, NYC! Then I come back to the UK to only leave again and live in another great city, Dublin! With the support and encouragement of friends and family, I end the year living out another dream...designing and making textiles for the home and accessories out of my very own fabric - who'd a thought it! It's not been easy to say the least, and at times I got incredibly frustrated, but perseverance prevailed and at the same time was reminded to be 'thankful' of all that has happened and will continue to happen. So, as we start the new season and year 2011, it's time to dream big! And I encourage you to dream big too. A friend once wrote me this quote when I was studying for exams, and it has always stuck with me...'you are never given a dream without the power to make it come true'. So go and live out your dream! Happy 2011 x

And a final thank you to all who read this and for your lovely messages of support, my family who have been an amazing support - their belief in me and encouragement and to the friends who believe, support and encourage (you know who you are)! Thank You! XXX

Thought you may like to see some pics of the items I had been working on and designing!