Monday, 10 August 2009

Seeing Stars...

I took one star from the Nanny Heaven illustration and repeated it, changing the background colour. Again, would be nice Christmas wrapping paper or fabric... I'm starting early with Christmas aren't I?!

Nanny Heaven Illustration

I had scribbled this little doodle last year in my journal, and the last couple of days I had been thinking about it and so decided to do some work on it today. And here it is. I made it in to a repeat pattern as I felt it would make rather nice wrapping paper for Christmas time (or Birthdays), perhaps lovely fabric too that can be used to cover the jar lids of homemade chutneys and cookies. I've uploaded it on to Spoonflower as well, so maybe I'll order meself a swatch! Why name it Nanny Heaven? Well, its for all those special nannies (grandmothers) who are in Heaven looking down, ain't that right Mia Marrow x.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


And here's some I prepared earlier...all in my favourite spotty colours.

Spotty galorious!

Anyone who knows me well enough, knows how much I LOVE spots - I go dotty for spotty! My toilet seat is spotty, so are the blinds and bucket that adorn this tiny little throne - a throne because you actually have steps leading up to take your seat! My kitchen has spotty stools I covered with a mint green and white spotted fabric. Stripes are another favourite but have to be in the right colours, so too do spots. I do have my limits when it comes to the colours of spotty things! I love vintage styles and colours; so red and white spots are a good start, they remind me of the 50's (not sure why), I love duck egg blue spots on a brown background or a nice mint/apple green with white spots. I could go on...but let's just leave it and say that I love, love, love spots. I think I caught the spot bug from my lil mum who also loved spotty things, there's a cosy element and cheekiness about spots (sums it all up really). So today, I have been playing around with creating spotty patterns and adding layers on top and scribbles. Think this would make a nice summer table cloth or a tea towel...

Love Birds

Just playing around again with the use of pattern within the shapes...think I may have gone slightly overboard! But still, good to get practice!!

Squiffy Apple

This was just a simple messing around moment - freehand tool in Photoshop (not as easy as one might imagine on a laptop using your finger and in need of a steady hand!). I quite liked it, and it looks quite quirky as a pattern on Spoonflower! Oh yes, Spoonflower, this amazing website I discovered where you can upload your images and it creates the pattern repeats for you (options given) and prints the pattern on to fabric. It was a dream come true when I received my first lot of designs on fabric through the post - so beautifully packaged as well. My designs had made it on to fabric!! Amazing. Such an easy website to follow as well. A recommendation to all budding designers out there who want to see and touch their designs on fabric. Watch out family and friends at Christmas time - you know what you'll be getting...

Flower Tree

Been playing around in Photoshop, getting use to designing through computer, rather than hand drawing then scanning. It's a start at least. I like the boldness of colour and simplicity of the shapes used to create this tree.