Friday, 20 May 2011


Gosh, major neglect for the old blog! Apologies for that!
Well doors are starting to open in terms of freelancing opportunities, which has been so deeply encouraging. Two companies have been in contact asking to work alongside them (one of which have offices in NY & London), which is amazing. I had been sending work off for the past year and more and would either not hear anything back seeming like my work was going into some kinda 'void' or then receiving a response but only to be greeted by a 'no', I felt rather dejected. Well, the last few months things have proved to be a very different story. Firstly I have signed up with a licensing agency, who this past week were exhibiting at the Surtex Show in NYC and next week will be at the Progressive Greetings Show in London (here's hoping something will come from either one or both). Secondly, two companies who I had applied for freelance work actually got back to me with a positive response! Hoorah! So, at the moment I am trying to work on some designs for these two companies, which is very exciting and a real dream; especially with the one company who want me to work on designs to do with fashion fabric print and homeware. Wow! Good opportunities to say the least. In the meantime, here are some pics of some pieces of work I had worked on for a commission and another design for a baby grow...hope you like...Have a good day now x