Sunday, 9 August 2009

Spotty galorious!

Anyone who knows me well enough, knows how much I LOVE spots - I go dotty for spotty! My toilet seat is spotty, so are the blinds and bucket that adorn this tiny little throne - a throne because you actually have steps leading up to take your seat! My kitchen has spotty stools I covered with a mint green and white spotted fabric. Stripes are another favourite but have to be in the right colours, so too do spots. I do have my limits when it comes to the colours of spotty things! I love vintage styles and colours; so red and white spots are a good start, they remind me of the 50's (not sure why), I love duck egg blue spots on a brown background or a nice mint/apple green with white spots. I could go on...but let's just leave it and say that I love, love, love spots. I think I caught the spot bug from my lil mum who also loved spotty things, there's a cosy element and cheekiness about spots (sums it all up really). So today, I have been playing around with creating spotty patterns and adding layers on top and scribbles. Think this would make a nice summer table cloth or a tea towel...

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