Monday, 15 June 2009

Oh my goodness, I won...

I had some great news a couple weeks ago. I entered a photography competition - the chance to win £200 and the possibilty of your work being published for Marks & Spencers. Never did I expect to win. So when the email came through announcing the winner, can imagine my delight!

I took this image as part of a project I was working on about 'reflection'. That day I decided to go to Cosmeston (Penarth) to capture some images of the water and swans & ducks. As I stood at the waters edge, contently photographing the swans close by, I noticed in the background these two swans...I could not believe my eyes as I saw what was about to happen. I held my lens as still as I possibly could as the two swans elegantly glided towards one another, with necks bowed and a coy look in their eye, they formed this absolutely beautiful heart between one another. It truly was precious.

I hope this image will be published and be the beginning of what my heart desires...

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