Thursday, 30 July 2009

Simple is best...

Just been playing around the last couple days with designs. I questioned to myself - "what is my style?" "what makes me stand out?". So this past week I have been looking at other designers that I love and questioned - "what is it that I love about their work?". The answers I came up with at first were..."their choice of colour" and "the simplicity in their design of the shapes used". How do they create these images that are so eye catching, yet looking at them in detail, so so simple. Simple shapes and forms and block colour that compliments one another. That's it. As my lil Mum always used to say 'simple is best!', and she's right. So here, I have tried to create a 'simple flower'. I think there will be much more to follow as I discover and reveal what MY style is, being aware of not trying to copy other designers but more so be influenced. It's a good and rather exciting process to be going through right now.

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