Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New designs: Cherries Galorious, Wispy Rose, Simply Cherry

As promised, I've been working on some patterns using my new graphics pen. Oh, how did I live without it before? And here are the fruits of my labour (sorry about the awful pun). This is called 'Cherries Galorious' - funnily enough! Thought this pattern would look lovely as wrapping paper - on nice thick paper, perhaps double sided with spots. I love cherries, even glace cherries; I'm ashamed to say when making me christmas cake, I tend to finish the pot off once the required amount has been added! Naughty, but nice...

I had such fun drawing in Photoshop with this pen, usually I doodle in my lil book this rose, entitled 'Wispy Rose'. There is a story behind it. A couple of friends of mine asked me to work on a design for their wedding invitations, they wanted to incorporate their wedding date 09.06.07. Seeing as they were getting married in Edinburgh and the bride being Scottish, I couldn't resist the influence of Charles Henry Mackintosh - I love his work. So I started sketching ideas and eventually came up with a rose using the figures of the date (this was done using typed numbers and manipulated in PS). As I was sketching the figures fitted in well and the rose came quite naturally - needless to say they loved it. So much so, it was even iced on their wedding cake! See if you can work out the numbers, I have included images below of the final invite... how did I use the 7? This is the stem of the rose. Well, ever since then I have developed and sketched the rose and so had a go in PS with me new pen! I'm quite pleased with the results.

Here is the 'Simply Cherry' design, named simply because its all about the cherry, simple!

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