Friday, 15 January 2010

Tigerprint Beautiful Traditional Card

The designs above are the entries for the Tigerprint Beautiful Traditional Card competition - felt they would work on cards for Birthdays, Mother's Day, Thank You or blank. In order of appearance the ladies are entitled - 'Suzanne', 'Rebecca', 'Mia' & 'Anastasia' (after the special ladies in my life - friend, sister, niece & lil mum).

Well, the New Year has begun and am already feeling inspired. Have this weekend planned to throw out at least 4 designs...bit behind on my ideal to complete a design a week; second week into the new year already and have just mainly played around rather than complete. Oops. Still enjoying being in the States, next stop after Kansas it is back to NYC for 6 weeks. Have had amazing experiences along the way and some simple encounters that have brought about some amazing opportunities...the journey continues and I'm hopeful for more amazing times ahead. Let's go...

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