Monday, 5 July 2010

New Cinnamon Toast logo, but which one?

I've been working on the new 'Cinnamon Toast' logo and have come up with a few ideas. They each have a slight difference. Would love to know what you think works best...

Design A - with spots and no stitching

Design B - with stars and white stitching

Design C - with stars and green stitching

Design D - with spots and white stitching

Design E - with hearts and white stitching

What do you think? (they of course can be mixed up) x


  1. Yeah, I just like it looking like a button... I don't know why. ;)

    Although, i don't object to D either.

  2. I like C or D. But I'm curious... does it look weird if you flip "toast" right-side up with the same curvature?

  3. Beths I love A and D!! These are my Favs! Nina x