Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Paris...I'm so glad I came back to see you!

Well, today is my sister-in-law's 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday Anna! As part of her gift, I wanted to name one of my 'ladies', as I like to call them, after her. So, I have offered her a choice of 5 illustrations (these are similar fashion illustrations as seen on the posts already), from which she will choose the one to be named 'Anna'! I will reveal all once she has a decided...

I have just come back from spending 3 lovely days in Paris. I have been once before on an art trip, frightingly 12 years ago - TWELVE YEARS!? Is that really possible? Anyway, the ART trip didn't really leave me with a fondness of Paris as I had hoped 12 years ago, and felt I needed to go back to give it another go...well, I am SOOO pleased that I did. Paris was everything & more I had wanted it to be some 12 years ago. I'm just sad that I hadn't been back sooner, but I guess it made the wait worth while. Whether its an age thing that led me to discover what Paris really offers this time around - the charm, chic, elegance, and pace of life - or that I went with less expectation and more appreciation, perhaps so - could also be the company too. But I can certainly say, its a  city so worth visiting, and a must do is to hire a bike and peddle around the city, what fun and so French (I just lacked the onions and bread)! Oh, how the French do everything so well and with such care; the architecture, the shop displays, the cafes, the museums...need I say more. I came back feeling inspired, perhaps having also regained a little of the passion I have lost over the last 2/3 years.  Its great to come away from where you are and appreciate another culture, to be inspired, to look at things with new eyes. A change really is as good as a rest.

The image above is just a doodle, but as I was working on it without realisation I had created a Dove. Felt it meant something. Peace.

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